Project Summary


The Smart Transformation Readiness Assessment, including the Community Roadmap, reflects the key findings of a critical engagement and planning project undertaken with the communities of Dysart and Moranbah within Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

The purpose of the Smart Transformation Project is to assist Dysart and Moranbah in preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Communities around the world have begun to acknowledge the impacts and opportunities that 4IR bring. By engaging in and with the community to develop a clear understanding of 4IR challenges and possibilities, they can plan for and embrace a smart change. A change that embraces the human factor needed to improve the application of technologies.

Smart Transformation process

Moranbah and Dysart residents from business, education, health, local government and community services sector were identified and invited to participate in individual, confidential, face-to-face interviews conducted by Futureye.

At the conclusion of these 42 interviews, stakeholders were selected to become involved in the Smart Transformation Advisory Councils (STACs). The Dysart and Moranbah STACs sit at the centre of the community-focused, Smart Transformation engagement model and are a vital accountability measure.

The STACs facilitate input and feedback into all aspects of the engagement and planning process including the community baseline, impacts and opportunities, future objectives and themes and short, medium and long term planning outcomes.

Additionally, two local high schools were engaged in the development of a single Youth Advisory Council (YAC). The objective of the YAC is to gain youth perspectives on social insights, impacts and opportunities and to ensure a youth voice in the co-design of the 4IR future strategy within the region.

In addition to the advisory council engagement structure, Community Forums were held in February 2020. Attendees included a broad range of community members from union officials, social service representatives to miners, families and business owners in both Dysart and Moranbah.

Community Transformation Roadmap

The community have identified three priority action areas and supporting initiatives to incorporate into the Community Roadmap. This forward plan – through its implementation – will help future-proof Dysart and Moranbah, and now requires community support, involvement and participation.

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